Environmental Assessment interview questions

This is a brief post on our second meeting which occurred at the Royal Festival Hall, London on 31st October. A more detailed post will follow soon with a progress report on Kaptur’s first month.

All four Kaptur Project Officers were able to meet in London, and each had carried out two informal probing interviews with visual arts researchers. There is also a report available from Goldsmiths, University of London on their findings here: Goldsmiths Probing Interviews (SlideShare.net)

As each Project Officer reported back on their findings to the group, the Project Manager wrote key phrases and points on post-it notes. This was done to both record the data and to enable selection. Out of the resulting discussion each Project Officer chose two issues or themes which they thought particularly relevant, these were then reflected upon again in the group and refined. Finally this led to the drafting of the interview questions and methodology (including consent form for interviewee participants etc), which will be made available soon. There will also be some questions that can cross-over with results from the JISC Incremental interviews, and this may be a useful future comparison.


2 Comments on “Environmental Assessment interview questions”

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