Kaptur interviews with visual arts researchers

Further to a blog post written after our last team meeting on 31st October (Environmental Assessment interview questions); the project team then agreed on a final version of the interview questions as well as an overall methodology and approach. The Kaptur Project Officers have now carried out 13 one-hour recorded interviews between them, with an additional 3 interviews occurring this week and next. This then leaves the rest of December for the marking up of the transcriptions and data analysis at an institutional level i.e. each Project Officer analysing their own four transcripts; and including further reading and following-up on the literature review in this area. We are all getting engaged with the area of research data by attending events and then feeding back to each other (and the wider community) through blog posts.

We are next scheduled to meet on 9th and 10th January for two days of intensive data analysis in order to form our views into one holistic Environmental Assessment across the four institutions. Already indications are that there has been a lot of variety within each institution, but from a discussion of findings so far there do also appear to be themes that are emerging and some suggestions of the appropriate language we can use in engaging visual arts researchers.

We are also engaging with other stakeholders at the institutions, in particular the Research Offices, and the Kaptur Project Sponsors. It is very important to us to have input from visual arts researchers throughout the whole project so that the work of the environmental assessment, whilst it underpins the next stages, is certainly not the end of user engagement and we have a few ideas on how to take this onwards.


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