Kaptur – two months into the project

The following blog post is based on a report submitted to Simon Hodson, JISCMRD Programme Manager:

1. Project Outputs

  • consortium agreement produced – in process of being signed
  • roles and responsibilities document produced and discussed verbally with each party
  • steering group meeting arranged for 6th February 2012 – agenda and terms of reference circulated

2. Environmental Assessment

  • Project Officers have now carried out 16 one-hour recorded interviews, this data is currently being transcribed and analysed. The marked-up transcripts will then be analysed collaboratively across the project team at our next meeting in early January, before we publish our findings in the Environmental Assessment report. Our interview methodology has been briefly mentioned in previous blog posts, but we will make it properly available soon for use and re-use.

3. Dissemination

4. Issues/challenges
The main focus of November was to spend time finding out what is happening elsewhere through attending events and making inroads into the four partner institutions internally. As we are a collaborative project, it is really important that we share information as widely as possible – hence the long blog posts – but hopefully still digestible with links and headings etc. We aim to make as much of the project as open as possible. Challenges this month were in terms of ensuring that the interviews could be carried out (support and engagement) and also establishing the date for the steering group meeting.


One Comment on “Kaptur – two months into the project”

  1. Many thanks for this. That all speaks of good progress.

    I have noted the date of the SG meeting. I look forward to seeing the Environmental Report in due course.

    Best, Simon.

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