#jiscmrd Programme Launch – Tips from Brian Kelly

Links (via @briankelly)

Tips from Brian Kelly

  1. Instead of having a separate website and blog, integrate the web pages into the blog or vice versa.
  2. Think about what will happen to the blog if you leave or what happens after the end of the project.
  3. Use the ‘about’ page to really say how you are going to use the blog e.g. your blogging practices and approach and why – see Blog Policies.
  4. Write a ‘Communications Strategy’.
  5. Engage with high impact channels in the following ways: think of a human interest angle to your story; be proactive in seeking opportunities e.g. if there is a relevant news story that your project relates to in some way.
  6. Write a ‘Press Release from the Future’ as a way of setting where you want to be and then working out how you will achieve it.

How we are planning to use these for Kaptur

  1. Plan to integrate website/blog; our Technical Manager is back in mid-January so may ask him to set up a wordpress.org via our website instead of the current wordpress.com (will require re-directs obviously and not ideal so will think about it first).
  2. We are working towards a Data Management Plan for our project’s research data including the blog, a blog post about this will be forthcoming.
  3. We have now updated our About page to include a blog policy.
  4. Although the JISC Project Plan has various plans within the document such as a Dissemination Plan (ours is available here: Kaptur Project Plan (PDF)), Brian was talking specifically about how to target those channels that are high impact e.g. Times Higher Education, radio, and TV. See point 5 for tips.
  5. The visual arts researchers that we are engaging with at each of the institutions have the potential to address these points, subject to the research criteria we are applying of ‘informed consent’. We will look out for these opportunities.
  6. This is on my ‘to-do’ list e.g. ours may include ‘having an article in Times Higher’

On a side note, I chose to use SlideShare for Kaptur based on reading Brian Kelly’s blog post about SlideShare, which I then blogged about for a different project back in May: Identifying impact with SlideShare

I have also begun using Storify after Brian showed me how the Event Amplifier uses this. A Storify has been created for this week’s Kultivate event on Linked Data.


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