Drawing: Interpretation / Translation at University of the Arts London

The following blog post has been written by John Murtagh, Project Officer JISC Kaptur and JISC eNova at University of the Arts London.

Drawing: Interpretation / Translation, an exhibition curated by Professors Paul Coldwell and Stephen Farthing from Chelsea College of Art and Design, University of the Arts London, presents

a range of approaches to drawing, demonstrating how the medium can be used to explore ideas from the conceptual through to the observational. (1)

It features the work of Jordan Baseman, Paul Coldwell, Mark Dunhill & Tamiko O’Brien, Mark Fairnington, Stephen Farthing, James Faure Walker, Rebecca Fortnum, Paul Ryan, and Chris Wainwright.

A private view on 8 December included a panel discussion between the artists Dino Alfier, Eleanor Bowen & Paul Ryan about the work on display and the drawing process. Additionally there was a ‘Manual Setting: A Sketchbook Performance’ whereby the artists displayed their sketchbooks for viewing which revealed the chrysalis of ideas and thoughts in the process of producing a drawing. The notes, thoughts, and ‘doodlings’ were fascinating to look at alongside the finished drawings. A real process of artistic creation laid bare and something which I think is unique in the production of ‘research data’.

In Manual Setting visitors leaf through sketchbooks together with exhibitors: artists, scientists and writers. This enacts the viewing of a notebook as a hand-held, shared and performative activity. Who is revealed during this process of showing and being shown? An enquiry is made concerning intimacy; and the border between personal and private; as well as the provisionally sketched and the finished. (2)

Images as well as transcripts from the some of the sketchbooks from the exhibition can be viewed on Flickr.


1. Drawing: Interpretation / Translation

2. Manual Setting – at Danielle Arnaud, London


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