visual arts research data and ‘creation’

The first Kaptur Steering Group meeting will be held on Monday 6th February at University for the Creative Arts in Farnham. The Project Officers and Project Manager will present findings from the Environmental Assessment Report, which we will disseminate following feedback from the Group.

V & A Museum, London

Dale Chihuly's V&A Rotunda chandelier. Photo: MTG

The following quote is not in our report, but it does resonate with some of our own findings. It is taken originally from text on display in the Theatre and Performance Galleries at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London. However credit is due to Katie of the JE SUIS UNE MONSTRE blog for making this available online:

“The process of creation differs from artist to artist but always springs from the premise that something must, could, or should be created.

Artists take inspiration from everywhere – literature, landscape, advertising, other works of art, political and historical events – so the process of creation and inspiration is cyclical.”

The blog also shows examples of visual arts research data as part of a ‘conversation with Amber Hards‘, a Knitwear Designer.


2 Comments on “visual arts research data and ‘creation’”

  1. Laura says:

    Hi MTG,
    Good photo. I’ve stood in that spot many times!

    I think this notion of the importance of other works of art – whether the same type or not – as inspiration for artists is a very convincing argument for good research data management in the arts, as well as for improving practice in documentation and care of completed pieces. Elegantly phrased!


  2. Really interesting blog post you’ve mentioned there MT! Love this quote from Amber Hards: “A lot of it is trial and error, and sometimes I end up spending a day knitting and nothing good comes from it. But its all learning and I love it when something unexpected happens. Happy accidents are really exciting!” Definitely something that was echoed in the Environmental Assessment interviews we carried out for KAPTUR.

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