Funders and trends in artistic research grants

Each Project Officer contacted their Research Office to provide answers to the following questions about funding for research at their institution:

1. Who are the funders that researchers are successfully applying to?

The following were all mentioned at least once: Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC); Arts Council England; British Academy; British Council; Chief Scientist Office; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC); Economic and Social Research Council; European Commission; European Research Council; Glasgow City Council; JISC; The Leverhulme Trust; National Institute for Health Research (NIHR); The Royal Society; The Royal Society of Edinburgh; Scottish Funding Council; Technology Strategy Board; Wellcome Trust.

Of those, the most frequently mentioned were: AHRC (all four institutions); EPSRC (3 institutions); European Commission (3 institutions); and Wellcome Trust (3 institutions).

2. What are the trends?

All four institutions reported an increase in funding for cross-disciplinary research. In addition:

  • Institution A noted a trend towards bigger funding awards with collaboration encouraged.
  • Institution B commented that increasingly there is a need to demonstrate the economic benefits of research (enterprise and impact) and that the drivers for this were the government and the RAE/REF (Research Excellence Framework).
  • Institution C noted a trend towards crossovers between the arts and science.
  • Institution D commented that the Research Councils are funding much larger and complex projects such as collaborations between multiple institutions involving interdisciplinary and cross-departmental work on longer time-scales.

3. What are the procedures and timelines for the Research Data Management policy?

  • At institutions A and C the timelines are still being confirmed, however it is anticipated that a RDM policy will be presented at their Research & Enterprise meetings in Autumn 2012.
  • At institution B a discussion paper will go forward to the meeting at end of March, followed by a reasonable draft policy at the Research & Enterprise meeting in June, with the aim of this being accepted at the subsequent meeting in November 2012.
  • At institution D they have been working on a draft policy with an aim of tabling this draft at the Research & Enterprise meeting in October 2012.


  • Representatives from 3 out of the 4 institutions are attending the JISCMRD/DCC training on RDM policies in Leeds, 12th-13th March 2012.
  • Following the event a discussion document (1-2 sides of A4) will be prepared that can go forward to relevant stakeholders and the working groups.

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