KAPTUR – at the halfway point (09/18)

This is our update for the end of the ninth month:

WP1: Project Management

WP3: Technical Infrastructure

  • The Technical Manager has installed DataFlow’s DataStage onto a local machine and provided a demonstration of this at our project team meeting in July.
  • The Technical Manager has been in contact with Figshare regarding integration with EPrints.
  • The Technical Manager attended OR2012, Edinburgh on 13th July (“The 7th International Conference on Open Repositories”).

WP4: Modelling

  • All institutions are on schedule to have RDM policies approved by Autumn 2012. Although the project team share lessons learned and collaborate on non-sensitive information, it has been interesting to see how different the approach is at each institution, and necessarily so.
  • University of the Arts London (UAL) is working with the DCC Institutional Engagement programme and in the process of drafting their RDM policy.
  • The Glasgow School of Art is scheduled to have a draft RDM policy by the end of July.
  • The Goldsmiths College RDM working group is scheduled to meet towards the end of July to discuss their policy.
  • Members of the University for the Creative Arts RDM working group met on 18th June and discussed the draft RDM policy; the deadline for feedback is mid-July with the next meeting due to take place in September.

WP7: Dissemination

  • The  Project Manager attended the AHRC-funded Digital Transformations workshop on community-powered learning, 21st June.
  • The Project Director and the Project Manager presented their paper at the EVA 2012 conference on 10th July (forthcoming blog post). The peer-reviewed paper has also been published and is available from BCS.
  • The GSA Project Officer gave a presentation about ‘RADAR’ at OR2012
  • The Goldsmiths Project Officer gave a webinar for the Repositories Support Project on 16th July about ‘Advocacy for the Arts‘; this is followed up with promoting KAPTUR at CILIP, today, 17th July.
  • The UCA Project Officer has written a short piece about KAPTUR for the ‘Between the Sheets’ UCA Library newsletter.
  • The UAL Project Officer wrote a short piece for the University Staff Library Services e-Newsletter Summer 2012 (circulated to all staff on 5th July). As part of additional work undertaken through the DCC Institutional Engagement programme, the UAL Project Officer has also undertaken twenty 5-minute interviews with arts researchers which will be followed up with one-hour interviews.
  • Although we missed out on a place at the oversubscribed British Library DataCite workshop on Metadata, the Project Manager has obtained a test account from DataCite in order to investigate the functionality and process of minting DOIs in relation to visual arts research data.

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