Towards an A-Z of Visual Arts Research Data

From an idea originating with Robin Burgess, Project Officer, The Glasgow School of Art, the project team has been considering an A-Z of visual arts research data as way to:

  • further promote the work of the KAPTUR Environmental Assessment report using the voice of the interviewees
  • inform research data managers, information managers, and librarians about visual arts research data
  • provide an informal tool to discuss visual arts research data – for example with further development maybe as part of one of the KAPTUR toolkits
  • possibly to lead into promotional and/or training materials for KAPTUR (we have discussed producing postcards using some of the letters)

At the project team meeting in July each of the Project Officers, and the Project Manager, presented their ideas for a section of the alphabet. These have now been worked up into a clickable Prezi. However please note that this is a work-in-progress and will be updated subject to project team discussion.

How to use this Prezi:

  • Please select the play arrow at the bottom, then hover over ‘More’ to select the ‘Fullscreen’ option.
  • Then select ‘Allow’ from the message header that appears.
  • Please begin by selecting ‘Back to the start’ from the right-click menu.
  • Then click once on a letter that you would like to view (each letter will be highlighted in pale blue as you hover).
  • To go back please select ‘Back to the start’ from the right-click menu.
  • Alternatively selecting the play arrow will move through the alphabet from A-Z (or from whichever letter you were last viewing).



The Prezi can also be accessed here:


2 Comments on “Towards an A-Z of Visual Arts Research Data”

  1. This is fun and interesting and I imagine a useful for communication. I was particularly interested in S, T and U.

    What I would *really* like to see – don’t take this as a criticism, it’s prompted by previous conversations and the last two posts – is a set of examples of what visual arts ‘research data’ / sources / outputs / materials / evidence etc consists… And what sort of decisions need to be made about retention and publication. I know you have some examples in project outputs and presentations. I wonder if they might benefit from the prezi (or video) treatment.

    I’m sure you have plans / work underway that relates to this – just a suggestion/thought prompted by this post and the A-Z.



    • mtgwork says:

      Thank you very much for your comments, particularly regarding the point of having ‘examples’. I agree this would be useful and I will look into this as you suggest, perhaps drawing together existing resources such as the examples here: and details from our EVA 2012 presentation etc.

      I have also had a telephone conversation with Louise Corti this week and it was very interesting to hear about the training and support that the UK Data Archive provide, such as templates for spreadsheets and transcripts so that the researchers know how to describe their research data and mark it up for re-use. It made me think about the same for visual arts research data and I look forward to developing this idea at the workshop on 14th September.

      Many thanks,

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