KAPTUR eleven months into the project – (11/18)

This is our update for the end of the eleventh month:

WP1: Project Management

  • The Project team met in Farnham, yesterday.

WP3: Technical Infrastructure

  • The project partners have been given logins and passwords to test KAPTUR’s DataStage pilot site, which is available here: http://kaptur.ucreative.ac.uk/
  • The Technical Manager has been working with EPrints and staff from DataFlow in order to enable transfer between DataStage and EPrints version 3.3. Test sites for both of these have been created, and it has been possible to transfer intermittently however the SWORD-2 protocol is causing some issues which need to be resolved before proper testing can take place. [It is interesting to read about SMDMRD’s experience of Connecting DataFlow-DataStage and DSpace on a local machine]
  • The Project Manager attended the DataCite Technical workshop on 10th September, a good blog post by Marieke Guy is available here: http://www.dcc.ac.uk/blog/working-datacite

WP4: Modelling

  • All four institutions have draft policies ready for approval at the relevant committees during the Autumn term.
  • The nature of the policies and the approval workflow has been different for each institution, however all the Project Officers have commented on the benefits they received from working collaboratively on this aspect of the project. Discussion of the policies at each institution has also strengthened relationships across departments and encouraged fruitful exchange.

WP5: Training and Support

WP6: Evaluation and Sustainability

  • Further to the document on costings methodology, the Technical Manager has produced an Excel spreadsheet template which will be tested by the KAPTUR project partners. This will assist institutions with estimating the cost of technical infrastructure for research data.

WP7: Dissemination


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