This is the blog for the JISC-funded KAPTUR project (Monday 3rd October 2011 – Friday 29th March 2013). The purpose of the blog is to record progress in a series of monthly blog posts as required by Simon Hodson, JISC Managing Research Data Programme Manager. Additionally we may write posts about events we have attended or other project news relating to our topic of managing visual arts research data.

More information about the project is available via the Kaptur project website

Queries can be addressed to the project manager Marie-Therese Gramstadt at mtg@vads.ac.uk

The JISCMRD projects received advice from Brian Kelly at the programme launch workshop held on 1st December 2011, as a result we have added a ‘blog policy’ below, this is based on the UK Web Focus Blog Policy with some amendments.

Policies For This Blog

  • The contents of the blog will primarily be used to disseminate and document the progress of the Kaptur project.
  • The target audience is Simon Hodson, the JISCMRD Programme Manager, other JISCMRD projects, the four institutions involved in the Kaptur project including the whole of the Project Team, other UK Higher Education institutions with visual arts subjects, visual arts researchers, Research Office staff, IT staff, Librarians, Research Data Managers, and Digital Data Curators. We hope it will be useful for both the UK HE sector and the wider international audience.
  • The writing style, grammar and design of links will seek to make the blog readable.
  • Minor changes to blog postings may be made to fix errors.
  • Comments which are felt to be spam or are inappropriate will be deleted.
  • Comments are currently moderated.
  • In exceptional circumstances, postings and comments may be deleted.
  • The text of the blog posts are saved into a Word document as a temporary back-up measure – we are working on a DMP which will look at proper procedures.
  • This blog is not intended to reflect personal views, however we accept that there is likely to be some bias based on the individual perspectives of different team members. We welcome feedback and comments to discuss any of the posts.

Quality Assurance For This Blog

The following quality assurance processed will be deployed:

  • A spell-checker will be used prior to publishing a post.
  • Periodic link-checks will be carried out to ensure that links from this blog are functional.
  • Feedback on posts will be encouraged.
  • Occasional evaluations of the blog will be carried out.

Change Control

  • This page was first published on 3 October 2011.
  • This policy added on 14th December 2011.

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