KAPTUR – one month to go…

This is our update for KAPTUR for February with one month of the project left to run!

WP1: Project Management

  • The project team had meetings on 31st January and 28th February in order to both report and monitor progress of outstanding tasks.
  • The Project Manager has begun final reporting procedures for JISC.

WP3: Technical Infrastructure

  • The Technical Manager has completed a case study on the technical aspects of the project which will be presented at the KAPTUR conference on 6th March.
  • The Project Officers have uploaded visual arts research data to the EPrints pilot repository.
  • The Technical Manager has resolved issues with the CKAN pilot repository and will be completing development work on this soon.

WP4: Modelling

  • The fourth and final RDM policy was approved by The Glasgow School of Art’s Research and Knowledge Exchange Committee on 13th February.
  • The four policies will be made available through DCC in due course and will also be linked to from the KAPTUR Outputs page.
  • This work package is now closed.

WP5: Training and Support

  • The Glasgow School of Art training workshop took place on 31st January with the assistance of Laura Molloy, JISCMRD Evidence Gatherer. The presentations are available here: http://www.slideshare.net/kaptur_mrd/tag/gsardmtraining
  • The fourth and final training workshop took place on 22nd February at Goldsmiths, University of London with assistance from Kerry Miller of the Digital Curation Centre. The presentations are available here: http://www.slideshare.net/kaptur_mrd/tag/goldrdmtraining
  • The first draft of the KAPTUR toolkits has been completed using Xerte Online Toolkits. They will be completed by the close of the project and made available both online and through JORUM for use and re-use.

WP6: Evaluation and Sustainability

  • The four case studies from the Project Officers as well as the additional fifth case study from the Technical Manager have been completed and are being edited for online publication.
  • A template for the KAPTUR Business, Financial and Sustainability Plans was circulated to the Project Officers for use in their institutions.
  • The Glasgow School of Art have already completed a good draft of their Business Plan using the template.
  • The Project Manager is awaiting feedback from the final workshop, the conference, and another short survey before completing the Benefits’ reporting.

WP7: Dissemination


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