Kaptur – four months into the project

This is our update for the end of the fourth month:

1. Project Outputs

  • consortium agreement – this has been signed by 3 out of 4 institutions (so nearly there!)
  • environmental assessment report – a draft version is available which will be published and promoted very soon

2. Environmental Assessment

  • This workpackage is now complete.

3. Technical Infrastructure

  • The Kaptur Technical Manager has written a methodology for the Technical Analysis report.
  • Meetings will be arranged very soon with key stakeholders at each institution.

4. Dissemination

  • This has been a relatively quiet month in terms of attending events, although Robin Burgess was part of the 7th Emergy Conference and his abstract, which is about applying Emergy accountancy to arts related data, is available from SlideShare.
  • The Kaptur Project Director submitted two conference abstracts.
  • The Project Officers have been working collaboratively in Google Docs to write up the Environmental Assessment report; our methodology is available on SlideShare as is the final version of our questionnaire.
  • The Project Manager has been working on the report and with the Project Officers and Technical Manager, also liaising with the Kaptur Steering Group in order to ensure that everything is in place for the first meeting on Monday 6th February 2012.

4. Issues/challenges

The focus this past month has been on analysing the data from the 16 interviews as well as writing the Environmental Assessment report. As part of this process the project team have been considering the research data that we ourselves have been creating. A blog post on this will be forthcoming.

The Technical Manager has begun work on the Kaptur project, and brings with him experience of managing and working on other visual arts projects. The project team have been thinking about how the work on the environmental assessment can be turned into reality with policies and technical infrastructure, as these are the next tasks to be tackled.